Carpet cleaner in the past few years mainly prefers to apply wet cleaning operation for cleaning all kind of carpets. In earlier decades with a lack of resources and technology, carpet cleaners had only left with wet operation methods, later with time they are going to face complications in the carpet while performing wet operations. Older carpets mainly of double jute backed category and yarn of natural foundation can shrink rapidly after getting treatment of hot water extraction method. The wet extraction method somehow provides damage to the carpets on large scale. After realizing this, those who are involved in the carpet industry mainly on a large scale are in favor of replacing the wet method with the dry cleaning method. Wet extraction also holds another serious problem in which dry time is most serious. Generally, a wet carpet can take usually a longer dry time. Naturally drying can easily consume two to three days and with the help of drying components drying become easy and quick but there are also some chances of getting some error while drying. Improper drying can form various kinds of spots on the carpets that can remain visible for a longer time. If any area that remained wet for a long time can easily give birth to a fungal growth type situation and this will cause serious damage to the carpet.

Carpet cleaners nowadays prefer to apply dry cleaning methods over simple wet extraction methods, although the dry cleaning method is a little expensive and people have to wait for some time to get cheaper services regarding this. Getting affordable carpet cleaning services in this modern century is not so difficult thing to do.  Carpet Cleaners Annandale provides cleaning services to their clients at a very reasonable price.  They are aware of all the new trends in the market and use advanced tools to clean the carpets. A lot of competition and wide exposure of such services can automatically reduce the effect of monopoly and this will help in getting highly affordable carpet cleaning services. In urban cities, a carpet cleaner can be found easily in every ten to fifteen miles of radius and in rural localities nowadays daily usable services are now seen on a large scale in which carpet cleaning services are also included.