The purpose behind using carpet cleaning services is to make carpet dirt free in a proper manner. Not only dirt, but the carpet cleaning process also include the removal of hard inky and oily stains, allergens that can be difficult for a common man to remove, and for that, it is always recommended to go for hiring dedicated carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaners use various methods for cleaning any kind of carpet, some methods are hot water extraction method, the dry cleaning method, dry compounding, encapsulation, bonnet method, shampooing, dry foam carpet cleaning, vacuum washing, some household processes in which simple vacuuming, stain removal and other types of methods are mainly covered.

In the majority of cases, carpet cleaners don’t matter to which class they belong or whether they are of the professional category or local category always keep the hot water extraction process on their top of the priority list. Many times, people get confused over relating the hot water extraction method toa simple steam cleaning process. The hot water extraction method is different in which carpet cleaner use hot or warm water in which detergent is mixed properly. Such a detergent solution is then applied within the carpet piles by using the spray method and later such detergent solution can be removed easily by applying a simple jet of water. Detergent holds a very great property of oil pulling, it can attract hard oily, and inky stains easily and make the whole area the same as it is in the original state.

Nowadays professional carpet cleaners hesitate to apply the steam method because they believe that hot steam can sometimes shrink the woven piles of the carpet and in the manmade carpet it causes pile burst-related complications. A natural hand-woven carpet is much sensitive than artificial man-made carpets. With natural properties, hand-woven carpets can’t handle the impact of strong chemicals. For hot water extraction process experts nowadays use modern equipment, which requires electric power for functioning. Carpet in the work station can be cleaned easily but when experts are going to visit far places for performing carpet cleaning process in that case, they use their movable vehicle as a source of power for the operation of hot water extraction-based equipment.