When people move home or place of work, the subject of cleaning may raise its head. The situation can be a bit complex and might depend upon what could be termed your relationship with the property you are vacating. Whether your possessions are residential or commercial, if you do not own it but instead rent, there is a chance that there will be a clause in your deal which demands you leave it in perfect condition at the time you leave. In some cases, that clause may be quite exhaustive and require you to make sure that carpets are cleaned, floors polished, windows cleaned and all driveways swept and left free of weeds etc.

There is hardly ever any condition relating to who does the work but only that you are answerable for it. You may find it suitable to use specialized cleaning services as opposed to just taking the time and effort to do it yourself. Apart from anything else, when moving place of work or home, time isn’t usually a product that is in abundant supply!

In a few cases, it might not just be a question of cleaning services for the property itself. There may be a similar clause relating to the common condition and tidiness of any garden areas associated with the property you are leaving. Of course, if you really own the property then the responsibilities can be a little more delicate and open to understanding.


As a matter of personal pride, few of us would wish to vacate a property we’ve owned leaving it in an unclean condition. On the other hand, for those that might be tempted to do so, it’s worth noting that there may be conditions in the different contracts of sale relating to the general order of the property at the time when the new owners take control of it. In other words, you may have an obligation to leave the belongings, generally speaking, clean and neat.