With the advancement in time, Carpet cleaning companies try hard in getting some position within the big competitor world. They try to introduce various kinds of methods for cleaning the carpet in a better and shorter way. Every new method invented by a professional carpet cleaner is better than that of before. Earlier from longer time carpet cleaners are bound to use the only hot water extraction method, no doubt it is one of the best methods and can be used by carpet cleaners fora long time but now most of them are trying to switch themselves into the dry-cleaning method. In this method, carpet cleaners are mostly relaid on specified machines that mainly operate on a very low moisture system. Such machines are capable of cleaning the whole carpet without making it fully wet, such things help in reducing dry time and automatically leads to the most productive action with less consuming time. Such a thing is going to provide benefits to the client and the service provider in a long run. In the dry cleaning process, highly advanced cleaning machines use specific solution for cleaning the carpet, the solvent experts mainly used is d-limonene, petroleum byproducts, glycol ethers, or butyl agents.

In the majority of cases, only professional carpet cleaners can go for the dry cleaning method for cleaning the carpets. They chose such method over the wet method because the wet method consumes much time and effort and on the other side the dry cleaning method consumes less time of cleaning. The use of chemical products in the dry cleaning process can make the whole process more expensive than others. Like the wet extraction method, the dry cleaning process also includes proper preconditioning and agitation. In dry cleaning ten minutes of preconditioning is sufficient. Like wet operation, dry cleaning compound doesn’t attract dirt although the stress put on by the dry-cleaning formula on the carpet is always the less in comparison to the wet formula. Carpet Cleaners try to apply the method only after analyzing the condition of the carpets and the budget of the client also plays some special into that.