From the later eighteenth-century carpet cleaner generally follow the trend of cleaning the carpet by using a simple wet extraction method in which detergent solution along with the beating process is applied for cleaning almost all kinds of carpets. Later with time mainly at the beginning of the twentieth century, the carpet industry has done a lot of modifications and up-gradation within the process of cleaning. They do so for making their services more carpet friendly and efficient.

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They slowly introduce various special methods in which dry cleaning method, encapsulation method, foaming method, shampooing, and many others are mainly introduced. There are many factors responsible for such up-gradations and carpet cleaners do so after knowing the limitations of the wet extraction method. For expert carpet cleaners, cleaning the carpet efficiently and quickly is the best thing for their profession, with quick service the service provider can easily handle multiple projects in one single day.

No doubt in considering that the wet extraction method is the most time-consuming process, both cleaning and daytime can normally take twenty-four hours of action. The cleaning time mainly varies depending upon the size of the carpet. Some carpet cleaner tries to dry carpet by using hot dryers and some do it naturally. The use of equipment for drying the carpet can shorter the time duration of work on the other side natural drying can even extend the dry time for many hours. Additional time on cleaning can make carpet cleaner to handle one single project each day. It is a big problem that’s why for shortening their action they introduce some special kind of services.

The encapsulation process got a lot of popularity mainly in the middle of the twentieth century and the use of machines along with this can make things easy for both the service provider and the client. Today carpet cleaners use various kinds of machines in which preconditioning machines, cleaners, and dryers are most commonly used. Such things help in reducing the extra time and effort of both the service provider and also much beneficial for the client.