The carpet cleaning process mainly passes through multiple stages of operation, for a local carpet cleaner it is quite easy, although local can only handle carpets with dry dirt and for full deep cleaning action professionals are hired and professional carpet cleaners bowie performs deep cleaning action by passing through multiple stage operation. Before executing their action, a professional carpet cleaner performs a full flash inspection process, and sometimes a team is also get assigned for such action. Inspection team marks the area which is weak or already damaged, they also mention the number of stains and type of stains seen within the carpet piles and they collect all such data in their report card and submit it to the cleaning team and cleaners after analyzing this report make a plan and shortlist the type of chemicals, they have to use along with the full flash techniques or methods. After inspection, the first step of cleaning is to do pre-treatment in which carpet cleaner put the carpets in an agitating machine to dispense out all kind of dry dirt out of it. Such operations are mainly executed in the closed environment and humans are not allowed to enter such areas.

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Professionals always are very much conscious about their health. After dry agitating, cleaners move ahead and clean the carpet by applying a high-pressure water jet on every corner of it. After that, they do shampooing with scrubbing by using a machine holding a scrubber with soft bristles. After shampooing and scrubbing carpet cleaner apply water gently and wipe out dirt along with shampoo foam by using a broad wiper. With this, the cleaning process is get accomplished and now the carpet cleaner moves to the drying side in which the carpet is dried by using natural light and sometimes by using hot dryers and blowers. In between of the drying carpet cleaner keep a regular check on the carpet material and in between of this an inspection is again performed, whose primary function is to detect the stain and give a report to the cleaner team and after this carpet stains are going to be removed gently by applying some different approach than that of normal cleaning. Generally, it takes six to seven days for the whole cleaning operation to be get executed.