The carpet cleaning process is going to become better day by day. The client gets a wide variety of services and the service provider performs actions based on their proper suitability. The hot water extraction method gains a lot of popularity within the carpet cleaning industry. In this process, carpet cleaners are going to pass through various stages of operations. In the first process, it is the time when the client is just having a conversation with his service provider to make his carpet as same as it looks like before mainly when he gets it for the first time. After signing the contract carpet cleaning company immediately send a team for inspection in which they analyze the area and extent of dirt within the carpet. Remember it is a special process mainly applicable for cleaning premium and large-sized carpets. After analyzing the problem, carpet cleaners in most cases go with a hot water extraction process. This process begins with the preconditioning of the carpet in which experts use alkaline solution mainly ammonia solution for carpets made of synthetic material, acid solution for woolen material, and many others. In the second step, experts go for applying the agitation process in which proper grooming of the carpet is done mainly by using a brush or agitator machine.

Local experts with a lack of modern machines try to perform such actions only by using a simple brush for grooming. After grooming carpet cleaners to use a cleaning tool for removing out the whole preconditioner that was applied in the initial stage of the process. If the carpet is made up of woolen material then experts use mild acetic acid to retain neutral ph. of the fiber. Then at the end of the cleaning process, hot water is sprayed within the carpet piles for thorough cleaning. The only problem with such a method is the hot water extraction method takes a much longer dry time than any other process. Along with this, it requires accurate airflow, dehumidifier, and proper ventilation so that it can easily and properly dry the whole carpet, and such things help in preventing complication in the form of mold growth and any other material based things.