In this modern century, carpet cleaners have introduced new systems for cleaning any kind of carpet they do so by making their services affordable, convenient, and easily reliable. Some of the most advance and new methods introduced by carpet cleaners for cleaning the carpets are the dry cleaning method, encapsulation method, bonnet method, some household operations in which vacuum cleaning is only categorized. The hot water extraction method is the oldest method for cleaning and is stilled used by the majority of local and independent carpet cleaning service providers. The hot water extraction method is the cheapest method but the only problem with this method is that it is a lengthy process, it can take a whole single day for a carpet cleaner to handle one single project, not only extra cleaning time this method can easily take longer than usual dry time and if carpet cleaner not uses proper dryer and blower or want to dry the carpet in natural light, in that case, the dry time of the carpet becomes higher and carpet cleaner can’t manage to accomplish his work on time. After facing such kinds of issues carpet cleaners pennsauken switch their services with modern methods or techniques. In the dry cleaning method, they use various kinds of chemicals for cleaning the carpets. The best thing about such a method is that it doesn’t require any additional dry time, the chemicals themselves hold the property of drying the carpets. Some most commonly and easily available chemicals used by cleaners are baking soda, citric acid, ethanol, and many others. Mainly alcoholic property-based chemicals are mainly used because alcohol holds very good property of easy and rapid drying. Such agents when applied within the carpet piles, it instantly dries the wet dirt and after simple scrubbing, by using a simple brush the carpet easily looks as clean as it was in the original state.

The use of chemicals instead of simple water can make the whole process of cleaning quite expensive but in terms of quality, the dry cleaning process always stands best in comparison with others.