Learn how to deal with a untidy rug on your own, and bring them back to life whenever you want. Rugs may bring charm to the aesthetic appeal of a room, but they also have its tool, such as spills, pets and us. Meanwhile, vacuum cleaning just isn’t enough to get it shining and that’s when knowing the right thing helps a lot. Rug cleaning is a handy task unless you don’t have time. There’s no need to rent a service unless it is something exceptionally delicate. Instead, you should just clean the rugs when they seem dirty or have an odor. Read on the information to figure out how to revive those well-worn and stinky rugs so they look as better as they did when you first brought them.

1: Tools and supplies

Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish the task:
• A mild detergent (or rug shampoo)
• A Tub
• A brush with soft bristles
• Water
• vacuum

2: Getting rid of dirt and debris

On the both sides of the rug vacuum thoroughly, make sure every last bit of dirt is gone. Pet owners make use of the brush attachment to get rid of those lingering hairs .

3: Mixing the cleaner

When it comes to the actual cleaning solution, you can opt for a decent rug shampoo that fits into your budget , don’t forget to follow the directions for mixing .(as per the product)
alternately , one can also use mild detergent mixed in a tub with warm water. Do not use extremely hot water as it can damage the rug( cause fading or shrinking).

4: Color Test

Before you start the process of scrubbing , do a color test, make sure to do it on a corner . If the fabric doesn’t bleed, it’s safe you can move to the next step.

5: Washing

Firstly use your hands to lather the rug completely, let the rug soaked in that water for ten minutes .After that you can gently rub the rug with a brush (soft bristle) in order to get rid of stains and spills.

6 : Rinsing With Clean Water

Rinse the soap out of the rug with the help of a garden hose or tub of clean water. Make sure that all the solution is completely removed from the rug and the leftover water is crystal clear.

7: remove the excess water and let the rug dry

get rid of the excess water by squeezing or with the help of a wet dry vacuum and lay the rug flat in the sun or under the fan don’t forget to flip the sides .make sure it’s completely dry before taking it back to the room.

8: vacuuming the rug

During the whole process, fibers and threads will get squished and compacted. Revive them by moving a vacuum over them or brush them with a soft- brush. Now you know how to clean a rug on your own and you can complete the job whenever needed.