The normal carpet cleaning that you do at home differs greatly from commercial carpet cleaning. There are certain companies that make use of a truck-mounted system and others that just use encapsulation machines. Commercial carpet cleaning requires more rigorous efforts because businesses and office buildings with high volume foot traffic normally use this service.

For instance, a restaurant deals with a large number of dirty shoes day in and day out. What do you think the best way to deal with cleaning carpets in commercial areas would be? Multiple pre-treatment methods are available that can decrease the carpet. This is why commercial carpet cleaning is the best thing that can be done for thorough and professional cleaning of carpets in industrial and commercial areas.

For commercial carpet cleaning, the experts make use of loosening agents for soaking in the carpet prior to the actual cleaning. They make use of a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, which deploys methods like high heat, high pressure of water, and a strong vacuum for cleaning. Professional cleaning incorporates the use of an encapsulation machine, which makes use of a particular chemical that encapsulates all the dirt and pollutants. The machine also makes use of a heavy rotary brush, which is meant for deeper cleaning. It can scrub all the chemicals that can then get deep into the carpet.

For high traffic areas like hotels, the encapsulation technique works better. It can take out the deep-seated dust and grime. But the truck-mounted technique is far better for any fresh spills or for extracting an excess amount of water that accidentally gets absorbed in the carpet from any pipe leaks. Commercial carpet cleaning is definitely not a D-I-Y or Do-it-Yourself type of endeavor. No amount of cleaning at home can clean the carpets as well as a professional service that offers complete safety along with their commercial carpet cleaning services.

It is always good to choose a professional when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning service for a heavy traffic area. By doing so, you will be able to save the beauty of your carpets and will be able to have them thoroughly cleaned.